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Our King Naje

"Everybody In Trouble*"

Verse 1|
Never knowing where to start
Im a star became boogie a bit more I guess
Fifteen stages a week and no less
Hard work pay, On time never late
Tweenty-Three year old king speeding in the rain
On a great white dame sh*t
Im a be the reason why your pockets on thin
Im a be the offense on the defense
You wanna be the topic of every conversation
Jumping off the rope leave em on the fence
I am not your friend, I do not do trends

Verse 2|
Everybody In Trouble
Tequilla on the double
Finna f*ck ya life, ya Wife, desires
Yo sister and Mother, One pretty motherf*cker
All I do is make statements
Transaction the action in fashion
Delete backspace distractions
Im completley captured
God came down walked around the town
Everybody hush hush hush, Who's listening
Everybody in trouble
F your rebuttles, led em to the dance floor
Lead-Shower strobelight on em
All in formation
F-ing up the game my elation
F-ing up the game fornication
Team God no huddle
My life been streneous in the streams
You n*ggas drown in puddle
Infored beam on his head left him dead
In the back of the coutesac
Pulled off in a all black cadillac in all black
Yeah you know how it went when i gotta throw
The greatest rhymes on wax on wax off
Bureau grandson been a Boss
Bureau grandson been number one in the streets
Bureau brand-some been turnt up on these n*ggas look
All of a sudden dont nobody move a muscle
Dont nobody say nothing, hands in the air
Its a stick up, stick up, all game no pick up
Pick up, pick up stick
If I die more gain, how to
Kill with a crucifix in his name
Shot die that aim, shot dice in front of the liquor store
Way slicker then the slicker boys
Base Lime light Memph Bleek Huh
I am the new Kennedy Huh
I slide like MC Huh
Baseline Hendricks they dont really get it
Pulling on strings at any minuet Hmm
Base slide in a jeep that 40 is a freak
Slide on em Lil' Reese
I am the fountain of youth Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-DO-Do
You are the false im the tru-- Do-Do-Do-Do-Do
I am Like Neo in The Matrix Do-Boom-Boom-Boom-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do

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