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Our King Naje

"Many Mansions"

Many mansions
(You could turn my levels down a little bit, Turn the mic down a little bit)(Many mansions)
Many mansions (Mhh woah Yeah---)
(Yeah yeah yeah Un, Thats Perfect)
Many mansions in my father's house
Still Waters led you all around (I know your respone)
(I know your thoughts)
I hear your war cry calling out (I know your heart)
Many mansions, Many mansion

Verse 1|
I know your response already
I've seen the cast of the dawn already
I recognize the marvolous light shine already
I wrote it out when I was 19 years old
Prayers & health bestowed for mind, body & soul
(Hol on)
My heart broke already
Could'nt fathom that my thoughts all deadly
Edging on my position in life
Green-eyed by the company I was surrounded by
I'd rather the rumors of criticized and demonized
Then moving foward in life as a continum lie
Unless its true and the colors shown out the navy blue
Bodly at the throne I reason with God for the mercy of you
Ain't got to wait on Heaven for the hell of it
I could show you better though faith comes the way Im telling it
Many Mansions

Many mansions in my father's house (In my Father's house)
Still waters (Still waters) led you all around (Led you all around)
I hear your war(I hear your war cry) cry calling out (I hear your war cry calling out)
Many mansions, Many mansions

Verse 2|
(You know my song already)
You know my song already
You know the pain in the dark seem heavy
Such illusions when you park that Chevy
Keys jingle to the condo your gonna enter
Your only concerns is whos gonna cook dinner
Who gonna wake you up in the a.m. if the alarm dont
Whos gonna inconvience themselves for your lost hope
Whos gonna pretend, if no wins, as your bestfriend
Son Of Man nowhere to lay his head
And you walk around like your leg & your arms broke
Always had financial stability
Poverty's living dream
Who you make infirior with no priorities living free
Pettiest of the petty
Evil and most devilish
Rich with no etiquette
And the sickest of fetishes
Hear it from the horses mouth, The needles in the haystack
Boy so nice, Even an angle have me on playback
CIA couldn't trace that
India Couldn't take that back
Earse that, Finished, too late to lack up, and race that
Mansa Musa at your head again, If you couldn't face that
Soons the day of reckoning, Now listen to black excellence

Listen to black excellence Listen to black excellence
& this is black excellence, Woah
Listen to black excellence Listen to black excellence
& this is black excellence, Woah

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