Sure Shot Singles: Akinyele – Ak-Ha-Ha! Ak-Hoo-Hoo?
”Ak-Ha-Ha! Ak-Hoo-Hoo?”

Production: Large Professor

The gruff-voiced Akinyele has been waiting to make a splash on a record of his own for quite some time. And, with his debut, the countless hours he spent in NYC’s smoke-filled, hole-in-the-wall, hip-hop clubs have finally paid off.

     With the production talents of the Large Professor behind him (Ak flipped the script on the Main Source’s “Live At The B.B.Q.”), Akinyele can’t lose as he takes you on a mic-smokin’ freestyle journey. “Y’all know what’s about to happen/When I proceed to give ya what ya need and the Ak start rappin’/I throw rhymes like children throw balls on project bricks/In other words I be kickin’ that ole’ off-the-wall sh*t.”

     The wonderfully underproduced Large Professor track is raw and gritty without overpowering the song’s lyrical content. The engaging “Ak-ha-ha. . .” chorus fleats over a picky ba**line backed with inviting horn and snare loops. And, if you listen carefully, you can catch the bonus scratches on the break.