No Exit
[Chorus 2x]
I wanna get out this relationship
But I'm scared that my man will flip
He always swears how he's gonna kill me
And fill me with the bullets from his clip

[Verse One]
I met her in Queens
Her personality was erotic
She asked me where I come from
And I just replied "the projects"
Love at first sight as she was staring
Checking me up and down
Yeah, at the gear that I was wearing
I had an North Face jacket, Polo shirt
Diamond on my hand
Stonewashed pants tucked inside of some Timberlands
Her eyes just stayed on my face
She threw her hand on my hip
And felt the four-fifth on my waist
Yo, my name is Ak the hard rock from the block
That shot a cop with a Glock
Cause he tried to make the money stop!
She didn't speak, she didn't START, she didn't TALK
All of the sudden let's take a WALK through the PARK
But it was dark, she didn't bother
She probably thought I was trying to play her out
Like a Central Park jogger
But that's not my style, that's what I'm telling ya
Give me your number and I'll probably call you up on my cellular
At night we spoke for hours and hours and hours and hours
Hot convo turned into cold showers
Monogamy, yo, increased to p***ography
Miss Astrologist because she looked like a star to me
But I be dressing sharper than the brothers with Farrakahan
Throwing a lucky charm without a leprachaun's arm
Out on the streets, stealing and sticking up
I try to make her look appealing
I went out and started tricking bucks
I got her all dressed up, she used to look messed up
Now all of her friends can't wait to be next up
I need to get her thoughts fixed up
Her brain fell into a blender, she got the stuff all mixed up
She caught me talking about a quits
But that's that old bullsh*t
It's ain't over til I say it's over, miss
So if you wanna catch a fit, you catch a melon split
Once you in, there ain't no exit

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse Two]
I talk a good game of pain
Put it in your ear and let it rain
Benadryl can't stop the migrane
Once my voice touch your brain
So you can talk that fast slang dialect
But I got a tec to keep you in check
Other words make you come correct
Think that to stop giving the loving
You must be smoking pesticide
Because you're damn sure bugging
After one hit, you're ready to split
What, are you test crashing cars?
That's that ol' dum-dum sh*t
You don't flatter me tring to sign off
You best to take the batteries out your watch
If you want some time off
I write my name on your street curb
So you can scratch my letters ,girl
If you wanna mark my words
I got the Calamine BESIDE ME
In case you wanna TRY ME
And break out on my a** like poison IVY
You better take it or ease, roll up you sleeves
Be prepared to go all out like New Year's Eve
Trying to take my dough like a Swaggart
Girl, I have to bag ya
Fall on your head like Niagara
Sh*t, you're bound to catch it, once I start to flex it
Ay yo, bum b*t*h, there ain't no exit
[Chorus 2x]