The Bomb
It's the bomb, baby
The bomb, baby
With no ifs, no ands, no buts, and no maybes

[Verse 1]
I walk through the projects with stress in my hands
A bad young man from the Lefrak lands
They say I got an att**ude, that's rude
Because I walked over Elvis' grave in some blue suede shoes
PUNK, I got some some stuff that'll bust through your pest LUMP
Clearing cells CHUMP, you know the Ak sh*t BUMP
But every now and then they say (he's wack)
But deep down in your heart
You and them dudes from Ripley's don't believe that
Everyone's down with the Ak brother
Every place I go people be like UDDA UDDA, UDDA
Trying to get the slang down pat, using verbs and syllables, sh*t
But I'll flip the style like half a brick
So give me space like NASA, one deep like a bachelor
I turn sh*t over without a spatula
You know how it goes by now, word to God
Lyrics are so hard they'll be Kevin Costner's bodyguard
Move over Whitney Houston, I'm not losing
By the way woman, yo, my name's not Susan
It's the Akinyel', I rock well and with more clientele
Than a guy with long caps of crack to sell
I take poetry and start illin' with it
Homicide police be looking for me from the way I be killing and sh*t
You n***as can't push along, with the Ak song
Because this sh*t here's the bomb!


[Verse 2]
I catch wreck like an automatic tec
Ripping rhymes as if it was written with Gilletes
Rapping over slamming tracks
My hand's compared to a drug called crack
Because it don't take much to get your a** smacked
So you can save bullsh*t
Word is bond get your shoehorn
Because I got a style that fit
See Akinyele be cold cuttin' brothers up like a DELI
Keeping my cool like Arthur FONZARELLI
I kick more black a** than Jim KELLY
Nowadays ain't sh*t that they could TELL ME
They give me mines from state to state
And gettin' so much props, my occupation should be real estates
So now it's time to face up
But if you play your jaw like a sneaker yo it's bound to get laced up
For the MC's that LOST IT
I'll treat your wack rhymes like a frisbee, watch the Ak TOSS IT
Selling out it what ya CAUSED IT
Charlie Angel rapper make like Farrah
And get rinsed down the FAUCET
'cause I'm coming at 'em
So save them devilish tricks for Eve if you don't know me from Adam
My lyrics are hotter than summer school
My image, far from an air conditioner because I never blow my cool
No thumbs up, nor a COLLAR
I won't scream or HOLLER
I make MC's sit they five DOLLAR a** down
'cause all they do is scream and speak in tongues
RAH RAH RAH, but I bust your motherf**kin' lungs
Burning up charts with the rhymes I spark
Cardiologist to words 'cause it comes from the heart
Brain is on steroids, keeping the lyrics strong
Huh, this sh*t here is called the bomb!

[Verse 3]
I treat the mic like gla**, 'cause I slash
Thirsty rappers' a** on a Friday night without no hockey mask
I make Jason meet his doom
I hit him with the ba** from the room that goes
You can't f**k with it 'cause I'm a little too exquisite
For y'all snake-a** lizards
Check my style right before you freestyle
My style's hostile, Teddy Ted heard it he said "Oooh child"
I'm quick to damage you amateurs some of you pros
Know on the downlow that I'll a**a**inate your character
To think that you can get with this
With all them dreams you f**k around and put Freddy out of business
Because I'm a rapper's worst nightmare
Bringing tears for fears, I'm more bad news than the BEARS
Say a lot for success, I won't DARE
I'm not Shadoe Stevens so I cease to be just another Hollywood
I rope 'em like a la**o, you'd better dash yo
Don't stand around and be another Denis Leary a**hole
You'll get chopped like vegetables
I leave plenty many hanging like testicles, huh
Doing what I have to
To get room to breathe even if it means knocking out your asthma
This Ak flow ain't no fad
I be smoking n***as like cigarettes because they style is just a f**king drag
I done blew up the World Trade and Vietnam
Huh, because this sh*t here is the bomb!