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"Virgin Mimosas"

[Verse 1]
Call me anybody's ex, you getting blocked off top
f**k what it look like, I level up, nonstop
I'm a flygrl, it's really hard to hide
It be battling they egos and eating up they pride, yeah
Not perfect, perfect's fiction
So I just made my own definition
Look within and I grow, not run
'Cause I'm not a scared shorty
You as pu**y as they come, yeah
I be savage when I feel, still make it look cute
I be on my own wave, 'cause I cannot dilute, yeah
(I could never dilute, that's all you)

[Verse 2]
Vision unwavering
If they got a soft spot, I'm taking it
You a weirdo, seeing shine, hating it
If they not a fan, I assume they faking it, yeah
One name on the writing credits, Ion mean to flex
But it's facts, it just is what it is, yeah
I don't mean to flex, I don't mean to flex
But it's facts and it is what it is, yeah
I'ma make the product so good that it sell itself
Sound like Heaven and I'ma raise Hell
Baby don't ever question my devotion
Wavy shorty, I embody ocean
Prolly shoulda thought long-tern
Prolly shoulda known a gem when you saw her
Prolly shoulda identified when you had a legend in the room
'Fore you done goofed, lost her, nah

I'm on a path of greatness
And you can't knock me off it
I’m so lit, it’s dangerous
Take over, cannot talk me off it
I can't let no past sh*t
Hold me back, I'm brand new
Don't give a f**k how you feel about me
That's prolly just how you feel about you

I been thru the most, so now I just coast
Virgin Mimosas
Mash'Allah, pull up let's toast, yeah
I been thru the most, so now I just coast, yeah

[Verse 3]
They be for the clout sh*t, oh
I'm a pure soul, I see through it all
f**k a network, I'll stay withdrawn
No fake vibes, rather be f**k y'all then
Hardest out and I got the best fans
I'ma beast, I got really big plans
Gratitude and patience
And avoiding the lame sh*t
No skips, no you cannot relate, yeah
Half your sh*t highkey throwaway, yeah
They underestimate it
Hope they're able to take it


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