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Frank Wildhorn and Jack Murphy

"Easy - ‘Waiting for the Moon’"

Learning how to dance is easy
Put your foot like this
Bend for emphasis
It's easy
First a little turn
Once around the floor
Not too hard to learn now another turn
It’s easy

Learning how to love
Is easy
Never say goodbye
Never question why
It's easy
Hide the way you feel
Never take your share
Careful to conceal what you can't reveal
It’s easy unless you care

Young romantic notions are easy
Till they start obscuring the view
Counterfeit emotions are easy
When pretending is all you can do

Learning how to live is easy
Till you lose your way day by crazy day
It's easy
Always homeward bound
Never getting there
Always losing ground
Racing all around
It's easy
So easy
Life is easy
But so unfair

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