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Bill $aber


[Verse 1 - rejectedreyna]
Put yo' mouth upon a curb
Make it flat just like the earth
Broken nose, I'll break your heart
No nose, not no f*cking Ferb
Take it slow, take it firm
The lies you told me always had me disturbed
Calling Diablo from the ground
You took my heart, just gave it pounds
Always pressure on my f*cking back
Take another motherf*cking round
Went to Crossroads, took the toll
Blood right from my hand
Just take my life, take my f*cking soul
All these thoughts up in my head
I guess they all going to work
Voices talking loudly, actions speak louder than your words
You can auction on my soul
3k, not no f*cking mo'
They say gross, they said ew
Is that really how you f*cking feel?
Black magic, for your soul
Bloody magic, take the toll
You could get your f*cking dreams

[Verse 2 - Bill $aber]
Hauntin' these n*ggas and f*ckin' b*tches on the B roll
I am the villian but b*tches treat me like a hero
n*ggas be stains so I hit em with the steam roll
Stay in yo lane, cause animals know the people
*baby, hey kitty kitty kitty.*
Sarah get wet then she showin' her titties
*cocaine for the late night.*
I am a god and my demons stay wit me
You don't wanna see the horned one
n*ggas be hidin', n*ggas be stumblin
We wanna see em all run
n*ggas be ballin, but n*ggas be fumblin

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