With his place in Hawaii? (Mmm-hmm)
(He sold it) He did?
(The studio)
No, I mean his house, his house
(He's still got his house, he’s still got that)

I can't concentrate
And Motown wants my record yesterday
Jay, Jay don't know
Who will finance, finance my video

A crash against the wall
My silly neighbors always fightin’ down the hall
And I can't write this song
'Cause of all the, all the sh*t that's goin' on

And I lose my concentration
I said hey, concentration
(Every day)

'Cause all I wanna do is write a song
So that this crazy world can sing along
But just as I relax and start to write
Then my telephone rings 99 times

People suing me, they wanna claim my fame
Budget's overrun, bills to pay
Physically prepared for anything
But naturally I can't
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