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Roy Blair



[Verse 1]
Who walk in my room and tell me that age is a scam
I gotta cut off friends, wildfire start burnin' away my outfit
Feel like end of the world when I look at who’s in the Oval Office
He done bad sh*t so far, rippin' people apart, no time for people
Different hotels, wake up at like two in the morning
Plank up, deep pan in my stomach, which time zone am I on?

I really wish you would of never doubted me
I wish you would of been a better dad to me
I tried everything to make it go away, make it go away, make it go
I'd love anything to make you feel okay, we could have another date

[Verse 2]
But the pain don’t stop, spend a comma on a brand new watch
Stand to the side, watch these cops take us back to that Jim Crowe (lah)
The weather makes everything blur together
For better, for worse, we gotta get up for work
What's gonna stop me from ending up like Mac?
No life jacket, plane gon' crash, we all swim and no-one gon' last
Drive too fast, down my Honda, speedin'
Let go of the wheel, close my eyes, and drive off a cliff

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