On My Feet


[Intro: Shifty Man]
I been popping on the 'gram, I been popping like a Xan
I been talking to my fans, they asking me how I am
I'm telling them I go great, money come in like a rake
pu**y wetter than a lake, I'm sliding in like a snake

[Verse 1: Shifty Man]
I Slytherin, call me Draco Malfoy yeah I'm the sh*t
I got the green and silver for you b*t*h
I got a d**k that's like four d**ks
I drop a hit and they want more of this
More, more, Shifty Man on tour
Aye, f**k my b*t*h so raw
Aye, put my d**k up in her jaw
Aye, and now she can't speak
Shifty Man a real freak, Shifty Man unique
I got a fetish for feet, I got Malaysian girl under my sheets
Yeah she gon' smile, but then she gon' scream
Yeah I got style all the way to the feet, I spent like five-hunnid all on my feet, 'cos I got Y-3 all up on my feet, sheesh!

[Hook: Shifty Man]
On my feet, on my feet
I spent a rack and a stack
On my feet, on my feet
I'm taking all of your cash
I take your gold and multiply, I take your gold and multiply
I take your gold and multiply, I spend it all I'm getting mine

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