One of a Kind


b*t*h, I am one of a kind
Never see with me a Glock-45
See me online when you looking for the time
Instagram, Twitter, yeah the followers are mine
b*t*h, I am one of kind
Only 17 but I am in my prime
Do this rap sh*t for the fun and the grind
Never not on time, Tuffboy, Boogie Nights

Reebok sneakers on feet when I leave, b*t*h
You know that I got my team, never seen snow
Never got the chance to ski, b*t*h I been grown
Never had the chance to eat slow, aye
Homies they know me I just go dat way
See me in seats on a plane to LA
I been on my way yeah I'm in a new place
That girl give me face, I got my own space
Damn us Tuffboys yeah we living the dream
That boy called Enjoy yeah he rolling the green
I been to the shows and I'm hearing them scream
They see me on stage and the Gucci be green
I'm a young man on the come up, never had money but a family support us
Rolling through McDonald's when I make a triple order
Living cold-hearted never had the time to slow up
b*t*h I'm like one of a kind, only see me when you turn off the light
Been in this sh*t since I learnt how to write
Lil' Morph only grill it when there's bacon on the mic
See me on a flight to Miami, now I'm in the air like I am Trill Sammy
I live for the fans yeah b*t*h no-one can stop me
Tuffboys we living the dream like a party
No-one can stop me, I been to the parties they under me
b*t*h I am over this sh*t like a wannabe
Girl you so under me, over and under like waves in the sea
Y-O-B-double-F-U-T what that spell 'Tuffboy' who me?
Been going hard since I was a pre-teen
Passing the showers but you know I'm still clean
Young homie living like I'm f**king 43
Lavish lifestyle with the birds and the bees, milk and honey
Take a photograph when you see me on the street
I'm a rare sight like a f**king honey bee
When I'm on stage everybody take a seat
Who is that on the beat? Yeah it's me
I see that they jealous they trying to be me
Look at me Morph and TB that's the team

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