Productivity/Has It Been This Long?


Don’t you just hate to waste the day away
I‘d rather not spend my day inside
But if I choose to spend my day inside
I’ve got to be productive
I’ve got to be productive
If I choose to let my body rest
Better make sure I’m doin’ my best inside

Lookin’ out the window see the sun come up
Lookin’ out the window see the sun go down
Try to make the day
Go out at night
Stay too late
The moon is bright
Come back home at a quarter to five
Dead dog tired from hanging out at night

It’s all about getting that sleep schedule back on track

I think about all the time
Little things, gettin’ in the car
And sayin’ "That's a good night"
Drivin’ is apart of this life
But it doesn’t bother me
As long as I can hear you

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