Grand Ol’ Opry b*tch lyrics


At least I’m not a grand ol’ opry b*t*h
I can take you down
And it’ll be a sitch
I can have your whole career missed
Like its layin’ in a ditch

Still dealing with the lame sh*t
Rock to my window
And now I’m incidental
Scrap a ready album
Thought it was official
Wish I found the b*t*h
We could f**k up his dental, yeah

I’m still that one that can carry the weight
Entrepreneur, yeah I’m stayin’ up late
I can craft a vision, like I’m making a cake
I thought of sh
And its goin’ pretty great
Not big headed
Not a big clown
I know one thing though
This is my town
I’ll be damned if you catch me
Sittin’ around
Sittin’ around

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