Southern Story


[Chorus: Wyatt Shears]
When I think back to the old days with you
I can feel the love that I hope I've given you
All the way back to Olympia, Washington
Thinking about if I'd ever see you again [x2]

[Verse: Wyatt Shears]
I think I know you better now
Instead of wondering who you are, about what you did
Such a meeting of chance, and I know it
Had such a vibrance, and you showed it
When I left you on that Texas night
No concern about what was right
Talking to you I knew immediately
That I wanted you only with me

[Verse: Cowgirl Clue]
Yeah, hop a fence
Take a chance, crushing at first glance
Knock the wind out of me
Locking eyes whispering
(Wanna go make out under the tree?)
Heavеn sent, it's fluorescent
I'm gushing at your prеsence
Hop a fence, take a chance
'Cause I'm gushing at the first glance

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