Fold Ya Up Like a Blanket


[Chorus: Jonny Pierce & Wyatt Shears]
Yeah, whatever
If I back the f**k up, I'll feel better
For a long while I pretended I was all smiles
Sitting there bitter [x2]

[Verse: Jonny Pierce & Wyatt Shears]
Being around bullsh*tters
And I don't know who is the ball and who is the hitter
Now you know I'm bitter
Can't trust anyone and I forgive too quickly
And that's a knock on my pride
Sticking around wasting too much time
Always such a nice guy and I get it
I let you swerve around me like a little critter

[Verse: Jonny Pierce]
Oh, I can only say this once
You will not see me here anymore
'Cause I'm the king of the crop
I'm the crèmе de la crème
I'm the queen of thе crème
I'm the crop to the crop
And I'm not gonna stop
So go f**k right off

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