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"Big Roshi x Ak - Nun Uh Dis"

Oh my god

I used to stay up till 2am playing my GameCube
Play that $ki mask track where he say achoo
I don't care what you do boy stay in school
Steady looking up to me like pizza on the roof

Used to play atari now i wanna whip a rari
Pull up on yo b*tch and she ride me like a harley
Got the 4 door car with my bodyguards behind me
Ain’t no body rob me ain't nobody finna try me

How the f*ck am I crazy y'all been takin peyote
Chilling in the woods thinking yo dumb ass a coyote
Weird clvn sh*t rock it to the motion
Locomotive finna pop a potion
f*cking up a function (ay ay)

And I always got versace
Someone f*cking watch me man
I pull up on a half a xan and make her do pilates
Kick it like karate but im spicy like wasabi
And I do her body sloppy that my motherf*cking hobby

Cutting up a rock
b*tch steady hating while she sucking on my c*ck
Woman confuse me bruh
I don’t know how it work for them but
They love me when they hate me
I smoke weed
I smoke blunts
Stuff it in a blunt
Chilling in the cut
Grabbing on her butt
If she f*cking with the demon
Then she better shut it up

Ya them hoes stay hating cause Im rocking with my Haitians b*tch Im chilling with Jamaicans but yo ass steady hating cause im Balling on them b*tches and Im skating
Kick flip tre flip b*tch flip
Please just hit my line cause i wanna get my di*k licked
Sick sh*t
Hoes walking up but i gotta be quick with the hit stick
Gotta be quick on my sick sh*t
Make her do the splits she go slip slip aye

I don't like yip yap talk
Or no kiss and tell b*tch
One finger down her throat
Four fingers in the snitch
If the pus*y talking sh*t
Throw his in the abyss
Rest in peace Malcolm
His songs are always hits
I don't know you boy you cannot take a hit of nun uh dis
Pack a woody till she leaking like ill do to one yo kids
Im not savage im just honest im a jar without a lid
Not good at cardio but im still running from the feds

Flame flame flame
Make it rain propane
We got fire ass gas stations going to the brain
In the stain when we pull up on your mane
I don't know her name
But we got that b*tch tame (uh)

Got a multi thousand dollar company without no help
Every time I make a rack I put that sh*t up on a shelf
Still make enough to flex on y'all and look out for myself
I ain't try be a hero Im just tryna live in wealth
But its not a legal company
You think I want your company
Sometimes i play some Cardi b
Come on i said that with loyalty
Hard times
I been up just spazzing thinking bout some sh*t like all night
Shut off all my brain and lose myself inside these coke lines
Never f*cking sleeping staying up until I see the light
Drinking 40s popping 30s make it so i don't feel alive
Don't care bout what you say lil boy you’ll never be inside my life

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