If I say what I want
I  can get in trouble
But  I'm thinking I'm breaking the rules
Cause wait - (?) so I should know better
But you're making it hard to (?)

I  can't have this
I  want you
You been playing hard to get, yeah
It  working

When I know that I can't have something
It don't make me want it more cause
You got me thinking about you
Yeah‚  you bad‚ yeah you know it

So why don't we do (?) something
And I never tell you about nothing
Nothing I've seen that yeah I've gotta touch it
Yeah you bad‚ yeah you know it

Why don't we do it
Tell nobody nothing
Now I gotta touch it

I been thinking some more
With my never get (?)
So it's making you way more enticing
Cause you know just what to do
To came on my toes
It's all under control
If I can't get sick I (?)
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