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New Gen

"Welcome To The New Gen"

[Avelino + Bonkaz]
All black, that's just how I feel today
Conversations with myself, that's a real debate
Young fire, can't you feel the flame?
Don't hate the player, hate the fact that I'ma kill the game
Yeah, they hate the fact that I'm just still the same
Funny how I left the roads just to build a lane
And I'm forever cold but I still feel the pain
Tell 'em don't get involved, you might get killed today

Welcome to the new gen
Funny how sometimes the new friends can be the real friends
You should mind your business, I know dragons in a few dens
It's like a whole family camping, them n***as too tense
sh*t, I see through them
All these dudes transparent, call 'em Bruce Jen

I can pull up on 'em like a few reps
Couldn't walk in mine, 'cause they're new creps
I don't play, boy, but I'm Hugh Hef
I'm the future, I can make Ciara 1, 2 step
You ain't got ties, you're from loose ends
Young fire, young fire, I'm with the new Wretch
I can build you up to bring you down, that's a zooplex
I'm a top man, H&M will tell you who's next
When I'm motivated, you know how crazy the booth gets
I'm spitting like the crooked tooth Ghetts
I grew up where the tooth fairy gives you two pence
They told me enter the dragon, I said I'm hung back
What a time to be alive, I made the crowd jump, man
We was on the road selling speed, they couldn't bump man
Come, we hit up children in need and give the funds back
Run to you for my Ps and tell you run that
I'm carrying girls who ain't packing, I call them rucksacks
Come, we have a shoot out, baby, I buss, you buss back
Underground rappers, take the bus back
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