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New Gen

"My Ways"

[Verse 1]
This girl wanna see a man break down
Stop grabbing bits of the white, bits of the brown
Get a good job and sit down, stop tryna ride around town, move humble now
This girl wants man off of the roads
Off of the strip, out of the trap
She don't wanna know about the shoe box stack
Or how my Gs all let the ting go clap
I wanna be a lidge money earner
I wanna yard that’s a real head turner
Now I'm doing plan A with the music
I used to rave up in plan B with a burner
What you know about chicks with big lips and thick hips tryna tempt man with lipstick
Mermaid tings that are out for rich kids
And new kids that are so optimistic
I got powers in this ting I’m gifted
Its mystic and I'm real due to test it
Every single riddim that I touched I blessed it
I’m smooth on the track like chocolate Nesquik
I like girls with a peach emoji, real cute face and ain’t really chested
Don't rush man with the work I stretch it
Tryna get it for the low then I chopped and pressed it
But now I’m just tryna do shows man
Get the crowd powered up like Gohan
I'm tryna put on for my bros on the strip cuh my brother going Jail weren’t part of the program
But I can still rise up a dotty
Twin-barrel ting lookin' Krept and Konan
But I just wanna vibes on my own man
And my mum said there’s no love for a roadman
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