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New Gen

"Top Floor"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
On the corner with the savages
Dealing work, we serving packages
In the trap house with some Africans
Noki with the packages
All these killers on go
All these hitters my bros
I came with friends not foes
Came with my lady no hoes
f**k the Beamer I want the Range Rover
f**k the Range I want the Wraith though
f**k the Wraith I want the peso
Mucho el dinero
Kept it real with n***as scratchin' mine, I'll scratch your back
n***as still went and done me dirty stabbed me in my back

It’s the kid a n***a said they wouldn’t vouch for
It’s the kid who rocks Givenchy like it's lojo?
It’s the kid who got himself going and now he wants more
It’s the kid who’s having dinner on the top floor
See the b*t*h you cuffed I just swerved her
Mix Russian with some Persian
Hating n***as I ain’t heard of
I just brought some Louis that’s a murder
Spikes all up on the kicks
Margiela when I drip
Watch on it don’t tick
In your babe hold banana clips
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