New Gen

"Life Support"

[Intro: Bonkaz]
No more pain inside me
As loud as you want man this ain't a library
This is my party
I wanna see my uncle serenade my auntie
And my mother smiling
And my brother's wiling to the lyrics of the certain domestic violence
And we were young and just undecided
Make sure my sister's nice
Hug my sister twice
And tell her you got her like I would have her if I was still alive
And if my dog shows, tell him no hard feelings
'Cause my cold balls came from this cold heart and needs the reason
But really no hard feelings
'Cause I'm a man too and I understand you without
You even having to teach it
I just whatever I want whenever I see fit
Well at least I did
And this is coming from my soul
Tell Loretta she's the one and only be when she comes that she ever was to me
But they come to see me
Only me
And if they feel me
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