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In Love With A Ghost

"Decorated with deficiencies pt.3"

Exhausted of thinking, I'm falling apart
Always complaining, not taking a part
Breaking up words, how I’m fooling this heart
Constantly consoling, ruining the song
I feel this ain't need it, but I still did it
Like a ciggerate
I paid for a death wish
Like relations
I made for an exchange
Who you fooling?
We both are so selfish
Heat of the argument, burnt all the bridges
The mourge is a place where the party is shifted, to
Calling in late, in the train I be sleeping
Tolerate hate, as a medium to breathing
Ran out option in race for a reason
Teach me a lesson, I need me a heathen
My kinda solace? this music I listen, to
Kind of a difference in fight in a fight with the inner you

Skype and the interviews, tired of winter blues
Afraid of losing, but tired of the winners too
Lie, I'm a sinner too
If I die what it mean to you?

Will I stay alive? the fruit of my labour is stale and dry
So the bookworm is screaming of hunger cries
I accompany wine when I lunch and dine

I function fine, would I ask for more?
The question is, should I ask for more?
I even got everything that I can’t adore
And god's everything that I can't be sure, of

So what do you pray to?
What do you stand for?
I seen you change into
Everything that the man's not

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