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Worst Party Ever


And all those old things you’re upset about
In a haunted house you could live with out
I had slept by all my clothes and things
You had left with me; you had set the scene

Coming up the sidewalk, all I want to do is talk
I always want to run my mouth, I always think it’s not my fault
If you want to know the truth it’s that all the things I love will leave
That’s why I’m never leaving Florida, I just can’t survive the constant heat

I’m so lonely without you around
When you bought this house, you had things figured out
And I had slept off all the time I had in michaels van, with all my friends
Can I see you tour bus? I just never want to talk to much
I always saw In your pictures that the thing was never really painted black
I’ll always see you in the crowded rooms, with everyone I thought was cool
That’s why I’m never leaving Florida, I’d always hate if the weather matched my mood

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