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Worst Party Ever

"Travel Bug Florida"

And you asked me
If I'm one of the empty ones
On a roof, with my eyes half closed
The city glowin', and the river below
You were never one to care, you only wanted to know

For once, I keep my mouth shut
Each song carves new paths through my head
I can't deny it, it just flows and flows
And not often, you leave for bed
Didn't think I wouldn't hear it again

Something happened, I don't understand
I woke to everyone in homes
When everything changes, I stick to the short roads
I grew up, [?] me alone

I'm so glad that it's not hot out
I'm warming everything that I touch
I'm walking backwards down a familiar street
Of old things, I can never get enough

And the gulf breeze is unforgiving
The way it paints your little cheeks bright red
I walk with you, girl, to a friend's house
You know you never want to see me leave again

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