Tyler Childers

"Snipe Hunt"

[Verse 1]
I flung the door open and let the heat rise
To  heat up the world 'cause I thought it was mine
And  all the while all of my plants froze inside
'Cause there's only so much to go 'round

It took me some tries and a whole lotta kindling
When  the lesson arrived, it only took me a minute
To  learn there are some things are better off freezing
I can tell you a few that I've found

[Chorus 1]
Hate  is a thing that can poison your veins
And get in your eyes when you're sweating on stage
Shifting around 4 o'clock on the wall
Tell you it's almost over
Vans  that keeps rolling and times for the birds
The chirp in your ears, all the rumors they heard
Flying above all the good in this world
sh*tting on cattle and clover

[Verse 2]
Now when I was a young boy, thought I could track
And an old-timer sat down [?] me [a sack?]
And he told me all of the knowledge I lacked
On an ornery ol' thing called a Snipe
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