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Tyler Childers

"Snipe Hunt"

[Verse 1]
I flung the door open and let the heat rise
To  heat up the world 'cause I thought it was mine
And  all the while all of my plants froze inside
'Cause there's only so much to go 'round

It took me some tries and a whole lotta kindling
When  the lesson arrived, it only took me a minute
To  learn there are some things are better off freezing
I can tell you a few that I've found

[Chorus 1]
Hate  is a thing that can poison your veins
And get in your eyes when you're sweating on stage
Shifting around 4 o'clock on the wall
Tell you it's almost over
Vans  that keeps rolling and times for the birds
The chirp in your ears, all the rumors they heard
Flying above all the good in this world
sh*tting on cattle and clover

[Verse 2]
Now when I was a young boy, thought I could track
And an old-timer sat down [?] me [a sack?]
And he told me all of the knowledge I lacked
On an ornery ol' thing called a Snipe

He picked me up on a Friday and he dropped me in Charley
Told me when he'd be back and went off to party
And I sat on the hill like a Jeremiah Johnson
And I froze my dumb ass off all night

And that's the way that I feel when I look at our past
And the handshakes you gave me, if you're callin' them that
And the snickers you tried to pass off as laughs
And the way your eyes never met mine

[Chorus 2]
Paranoia's a thing that [?] sleep
Ain't a thing you recall, ain't a habit you keep
One ol' boy's nightmare is another fool's dream
It's all in the way that you hold her
Hotels are lonely, I reckon I'd know
I've spent many nights in between shows
Watching as paint dries on the wall
On a booger they just painted over

[Verse 3]
Life reminds me of a card game we played as a kid
Where you laid down the deck 'til you got to the end
Early on there's a joker got lost 'neath the fridge
Over time all the queens moved in with him

And I'd say the boy had him an absolute ball
But he ruined the card game for all us involved
And I let it eat at me like kudzu in Georgia
I hope I don't do that again

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