b*t*h I'm a winner, yah, ehh, ehh

[Hook: Emtee]
b*t*h I'm a winner
Since I was a youngin' I admired n***as stuntin' like woah!!
Damn he a winner
They got somethin' to say, but they ain't gettin' paid
That's not a winner
And you know, I will show yeah (Yeah, ayy)
That I'm a winner

[Verse 1: KLY]
Lord knows I'm a winner (I'm a winner)
Put my neck up on the line for all my n***as
When we go to work, then you know it's tunnel vision
I told my n***as that we gonna get it, now we get it yeah
Bheka la, hold up (Hold up)
Some n***as in their feelings cause they broke, yeah
Pull up scrr, land and see the whole thing
Yeah we win in the game, cut the cheques with magenge
The streets be countin' all our winnings now
The whole family tree got it figured out
Talking sh*t, people in their feelings now
Don't lie, don't lie, Don't react got no time
For these Twitter fingers all up in my timeline
I'm the hottest in the city cav' the co-sign, yeah I won't lie
I'm a winner
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