"Scrrr Pull Up"

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[Pre-Hook: KLY]
Oh baby I've been calling, calling but you don't pick up
She's been angry since the morning, morning
Cause of the strip club

[Hook: KLY]
(I'ma scrrr, pull up on you baby)
I'ma scrrr, pull up on you baby
I'ma scrrr, pull up on you baby
I'ma scrrr, pull up on you baby
On you baby (I'ma pull up, scrrr)

[Verse 1: KLY]
You not making this easy
Everything I say you, don't believe me
Don't get caught up with the politics
I'm the realest jita in the city no
She the type to get jealous when I'm around all these girls cause the boy gettin' famous
She kinda over protective, she likes to go through my iPhone
It's cool yeah I let her
This one's for my baby, pretty black rose yeah
The one that can drive me crazy, the one I belong to
The love that I have for you baby, you know I hold you down
Hold you down
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