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"Through The Never [Live sh*t: Binge & Purge]"

[Verse 1: James Hetfield]
All that is, was and will be
Universe, much too big to see
Time and space, never ending
Disturbing thoughts, questions pending
Limitations of human understanding
Too quick to criticize
Obligation to survive
We hunger to be alive, yeah

[Chorus: James Hetfield]
(Twisting, turning through the never)
All that is, ever, ever was
Will be ever, twisting, turning
Through the never

[Verse 2: James Hetfield]
In the dark, see past our eyes
Pursuit of truth no matter where it lies
Gazing up to the breeze of the heavens
On a quest, meaning, reason
Came to be, how it begun
All alone in the family of the sun
Curiosity teasing everyone
On our home, third stone from the sun, yeah
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