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"...And Justice For All [Live- Seattle ’89]"

[Instrumental Intro]

[Verse 1]
Halls of justice painted green, money talking
Power wolves beset your door, hear them stalking
Soon you'll please their appetite they devour
Hammer of justice crushes you, overpower

The ultimate in vanity
Exploiting their supremacy
I can't believe the things you say
I can't believe, I can't believe the price
You pay
Nothing can save you
Justice is lost, justice is raped, justice is gone
Pulling your strings, justice is done
Seeking no truth, winning is all
Find it so grim, so true, so real

[Verse 2]
Apathy their stepping stone, so unfeeling
Hidden deep animosity, so deceiving
Through your eyes their light burns, hoping to find
Inquisition sinking you with prying minds
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