Sad Dontai lyrics

Xeno Carr

Xeno Carr, stupid

[Intro: Aqsa & Poudii]
Wow, that was cute
Dontai came on the track and tried to be masculine for 45 seconds
Has anybody ever heard of Sad Frosty?
Yo, n***as thought they knew my whole rap career 'cause they heard a freestyle
And this n***a Dontai's like "yo, I'm comin' for ya, I'm comin' for ya"
This n***a whis- this n***a whisper for 45 seconds
And he got Fat Frosty on that sh*t
Hey, f**k them n***as, n***a

[Verse 1: Poudii]
Couldn't diss me by yourself
Had to suck Fat Frosty for some help
Yo' b*t*h, had to swim in her pu**y like Phelps
Then tapped out, my n***a, I got out of breath
Gold medal, my n***a, hang right off the shelf
My choppa be sprayin', my n***a Lil Steph
If I'm in your state, n***a cop you a vest
My n***as stay strapped, I ain't here to impress
Just copped me a loft, swear I had to move west
Frosty, he a virgin, he never got neck
Dontai need detergent, his hat full of specks
Anything for your bae, do whatever for X
And we ain't f**kin' with no Dontai, hoe ass n***a
n***a you beyond gay, sweet ass n***a
n***a try to run up, pull that trigga
My choppa lil Dontai, only hug n***as

[Verse 2: Xeno Carr]
I'm no Bam Margera, but I'll flip you like some element
Bigger in real life, so f**k the numbers on the internet
Who said Frosty's cold? Boy you need a better weatherman
Frosty's sad 'cause the forecast told him that it's raining, man
I ain't heard no melody since Smoke came on the Travel Ban
You can't make a better beat if I switched back to Ableton
Don't think I forgot, yeah I'm talkin 'bout you, Dontai
Put a dot on your head like a n***a came from Bombay

[Verse 3: Aqsa]
Got a million views, I feel like Kanye
Bada ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it
If it says Dontai, I ain't watchin' it
And that n***a Frosty is a fat b*t*h
You n***as pu**y like a clit
I'ma pop you like a zit
Wrote this line while I sh*t
(sh*ttin' on ya!) I'ma empty out the clip
When your pants unzip, I bet you can't find your d**k

[Verse 4: Poudii]
I'm a Kingso, you a flight n***a
I'm DDG, you dat white n***a
I'm Zias, love to fight n***as
If I see you, it's on sight, n***a
Yeah my blood cold, hold it tight, n***a
Every now and then I sip Sprite, n***a
I be T'd up, duckin' dyke n***as
Xeno left your b*t*h on a hike, n***a

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