Woah Vicky lyrics

Xeno Carr

[Intro: Aqsa]
You were emo when you were in school
You’re rawr XD white
Xeno Carr, stupid!

[Verse 1: Xeno Carr]
I had to touch on something they relate to
Your sister act retarded, is that fake too?
That’s a fake crown, woah Vicky sit down
Smoke gon' knock you out just like a fake tooth
If you see a little clout then you chase, chase
You think Papi JJ loves you but it’s fake, fake
Woah, woah, I don’t know why you followed us
You’re a white girl, all you needed was the Starbucks
Woah, woah, I don’t know why you act tough
You’re a white girl, black leggings and them brown Uggs
No, no, Vicky, woah Vicky, can you keep your mouth closed, Vicky?
I don’t know, Vicky, I don’t know
You’re just a little girl with a dollhouse
You need another wave, your sh*t dried out

[Bridge: Aqsa]
You got a foot fetish and you scam iPhones on your Instagram story (-arr, arr, arr, arr)

[Verse 2: Aqsa]
You’re the type to take a sh*t after the shower
"I’m black" can you say it any louder?
You’re the type to pour the milk before the cereal
How you raised in Buckhead but you claimin’ zone 6?
You not from the trenches, you as privileged as it gets
Probably acting hard cause you were bullied as a kid
You’re the type to smoke the wrong side of a cig'
Like "woah", Vicky
Every time you speak you sounding slow Vicky
No Vicky, think it’s bout that time you get exposed, Vicky
Ain’t with the sh*ts, ain’t from the 6, ain’t moving bricks, ain’t hit her back, why you talkin’ sh*t?
Stop with all that actin’, we not casting but we’ll air it out
You got bullied so much, mommy, daddy had to take you out
I shoot pistols while I’m blindfolded just to test my aim, that way when I catch you midnight you know we don’t f**kin’ play, b*t*h!

[Outro: Aqsa]
Your dad’s name is Steve, and he’s a f**king real estate agent
And your mom’s name is Carla
You’re white as sh*t, you got bullied at school
And you got your ass beat

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