Bryson Gray

"Bringing God Back"

How you feeling?
Ayy, I’m bring God back in the building?
I mean somebody gotta do it for the children?
They selling evilness and they making a killing
And I know my lyrics get you in ya feelings
God gave you drive but you out here drug dealing
God gave you hair, but you want weave that’s Brazilian
I don’t think that fake stuff is appealing

[Verse 1]
Okay, okay, okay, here we go
I don’t rap too fast you just listen to slow
God put this on my heart and I’m letting you know
Somebody put the beat on and I’m ready to go
Stop following your friends, they will lead you to Hell
You can’t see it right now but it’s easy to tell
All they care about is drugs and sex, they addicted to sin
And you know the wages for that is death
And you still with them now knowing you should’ve left
Now a young prostitute seducing you with her breast
And I know what you thinking, but boy it’s a test
Are you gonna go with God or succ*mb to the flesh?
She giving you pretty words, alcohol is next
Toss in marijuana too just so the devil can flex
You can go two ways but you gotta decide
Life gon' force you to choose anyway, you know you can’t hide (yeah)
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