Maga Christmas (Remix)

Bryson Gray

[Chorus: Bryson Gray]
MAGA Christmas, I got Trump 2020 on my Wishlist
Tell Beto "I'm sorry he can't get this"

[Verse 1: Bryson Gray]
Ay, Ay
Bryson what you want for Christmas?
I want an AR-15, I wanna find out who killed Jeffrey Epstein (Ay)
End Planned Parenthood now we saving all the babies (Ay)
Brand new KAG Hat going crazy, crazy, crazy (Ay)
2A So I want a pistol, please do not mistake me (Ay)
And I need more haters 'cause I love it when they hate me (Ay)
Trump gave me a platform I appreciate it greatly
They say stop wearing your MAGA Hat I tell 'em come and make me (Ay)
Liberals stop impeachment and start working for the people
Stop pushing sexuality on our kids because it's evil
Bring Christ back in the schools and take Drag Queens out
Homeschool your kids 'cause they'll probably learn more at the house
Let's stop treating illegals better than we treat our Troops
I want the Dems to stop making claims without providing the Proof
It's a new claim every week I feel like we stuck in a loop
I can't vote for Democrats cause I judge a tree by its fruit (Gang)

[Chorus: Bryson Gray]
Gang, Gang
MAGA Christmas, I got Trump 2020 on my Wishlist
Tell Beto "I'm sorry he can't get this"
State laws shouldn't override Amendments
Tell Hillary that she can mind her business
I believe in God and they all go against it
But I just tell 'em have a MAGA Christmas
Overturn Roe V. Wade 'cause it's fictitious


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