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Cage Lyrics

Super Baked (Single) (2012)

The Best and Worst of Cage Vol 2 (2010)

Demented Thoughts EP (2008)

The Missing Cassettes (2005)

Definitive Jux Presents III (2004)


Extra Beef Value Meal EP (2003)

Haterama 12" (2003)

Now & Them (2003)

When Rappers Attack (2003)

Misfits.Strangers.Liars.Friends (2001)

Suicidal Failure 12" Vinyl (2000)

Cloudkickers (1999)

Shady Sirens (1999)

World Of Fondle 'Em (1999)

Dust To Dust (1993)

Eastern Conference All Stars III

Music & Mouthwords

Persevere: The Self Destruction of Henry Villa

Silver Rain (Single)

The Overcoat

The Void (artist: Cage)

Other Songs

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