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YUZI ????

"Dzeuba Gang 2 (ft. Yuzi)"

Non narcotic, non addictive
Bring back the f*cking quaaludes
You can take all your cocaine and marijuana
And all those f*cking designer drugs
And stick em up your f*cking ass

Yeah aight yung portrait
And yuzi on the track dude
What do you mean

[Yung Portrait]
Chilling with Dzeuba yeah aight
Hit you with a K.O. Knock out your lights (your lights)
Hit you with a .44 it’s night night
If you cross Dzeuba gang then it’s on sight (it’s on sight)
Coming with the gang shoot at you (pop pop pop pop)
Pulling up with the troops and it’s A Swoop (a swoop)
Got that concentration like a Jew (like hitler)
It’s not Dzeuba 2 it’s part 2 (part 2)
Call it I.T. but it’s a gang faggot
Cross up dzeuba and things will get tragic
I saw your girl so I worked my magic
Got so much drip I swear that I’m pelagic (what?)
Call up portrait with the hoes (your b*tch)
Call up Yuzi for the flows

Trapping out the bando
Claiming it ain’t no cap tho
Smashing on your b*tch tho
Nothing you can do tho
Cold like the f*ckin snow
Wrist on twenty below
Shoot you with a crossbow
Square in that torso
Y’all need to calm down
Looking like a f*cking clown
I just spent six bands
Call that a touchdown
Used to trap on the playground
From sun up to sun down
Had to save the rap game
Cause these rappers let downs
(MacBook trackpad click)

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