Let's get something clear I’m nearing the brink
Professor X is fed up, I don't care what you think
I'm the king, it’s never been as obvious as now
Only tracks Task mastered was copying my style
Apologies from clowns, tell it to Jesus
I'll tear fellas to pieces like Phoenix telekinesis
I mean it, defy physics, relative thesis
While Archangel's flying through hell as it freezes
A secret, War Machine Tone Stark designed
With Ultron's confined free thinking robotic mind
I smoke pot and rhyme with infinite sight
I got jewels in my head that bring my vision to life
That candy coated sh*t will make your insulin spike
And trap you in a dream like Scarlet Witch in a fight
The scene isn't my type, it's so pitiful looking
These b*t*hes here should disappear like the Invisible Woman
From Sydney to Brooklyn the rappers that you hype up
Couldn't crack a cypher with a team of hackers back at Hydra
I'd like to address when I was trapped at Viper
And left with an underground base like Captain Striker
The type to excel when the pressure is on
No matter how torrential it’s pouring I’ll weather the Storm
Tornado or hurricane weaponry's drawn
My crew’s Doc Oc, got my back heavily armed
Incredibly strong with a diabolical plan
Succeeding even when they said that's impossible, man
Unstoppable, damn every lyric is dope
I spit fire like Pyro when clearing his throat
Taking serious tokes from the L's I torch and
Disappear in the smoke like Nightcrawler teleporting
Then morph into a monster when I get too hammered
And react the way the gamma rays effect Bruce Banner
When let loose splatter those who want a conflict
Wreaking havoc like Alex Summers armpits
Dressed like a convict while men be rocking denim
Tighter than the symbiote turning Eddie Brock to Venom
Got plenty shots to send these trendy twats with emblems
Won't stop like the Juggernaut when he’s got momentum
Let ‘em live, no, dead ‘em, I'm Jekyll and Hyde
With Iceman's aorta right and left ventricles
Why I'm cold hearted, cold as cryogenics inside
Cold as Steve Rogers trapped in ice and getting revived
I'm alive, rhyming ‘til the temperature rise
To levels as high as Johnny Storm whenever he flies
Got a sidekick, my b*t*h Elektra with knives
And double D's on her chest like Daredevil's disguise
I ain't stressing, I'm getting head in the ride
Spreading her thighs, Reed Richards couldn't stretch it as wide
That's why I don't care if the industry wants it
I drop the kind of jewels that complete the Infinity Gauntlet
I drink ‘til my liver leaks, my skin'll be jaundice
And hand them fire like Ironman's missiles he launches
They all just Marvel, haters that rebel:
Swear I got them under one of Dr. Strange's magic spells
For real, I ain't happy, may just clap Pharrell
Pull iron out like Magneto escaping plastic cells
Trapped in hell I found depth and purpose
When things were harder than the surface of Ben Grimm's epidermis
‘Cause stress is worthless, I eat a cap of some shrooms
And take back the planets and moons Galactus consumed
Rumor has it I'm battling, rappers are doomed
I'm Sandman in the Sahara channel, pharoahes in tombs
Assume I'm low key then bartenders pour fluid
I'm chugging Jack coming back hammered like Thor threw it
Take shots of raw sewage, wilding city wide
Throw fifty guys through the wall faster than Kitty Pryde
My girl's misty eyed and the truth would seem
Her ex man thinks he's Wolverine with a mutant gene
Hard body, online like a stupid teen
Nothing more than Arnim Zola living through computer screens
Jealous ‘cause my new regime is elite
Kingpin's lucid dreams, I rule the scene in my sleep
King of the street with b-boys and lots of goons
Next song I'll put metal heads on like Dr. Doom
Other cats dropping soon tuck the gat when opportune
Like the Punisher with guns, Thunderclap sonic boom
And I'm not amused, they're like “I'll take your life with my Glock”
To aim it right you'd need a better laser sight than Cyclops
Time stops when I rock, fans explode
Pull your card and blow the spot like the deck Gambit throws
If not the cancer grows at all random shows
Spans the globe and drains my life force like holding hands with Rogue
So I stand opposed that's why I'm hitting this beat
With punches so hard it leaves Sabertooth with chipped teeth
I wanna see the pop culture float up sh*t's creek
Their true colors and all that Mystique is only skin deep
That sh*t's weak, y'all get torn to shreds
Ghostrider in the cypher, sh*t is fire off the head
Plus it's often said I'm Stan Lee with a pad
Hank McCoy dropping science, I'm a beast in the lab
All I need is a bag of weed and I spaz
Burning mary jane like Spider-man's p*n*s with crabs
A genius who has fans Jersey Shore to Iraq
I flipped words before Nick Fury wore an eyepatch
Now I'm back here to bless the mic
With a shock value that's collecting twice Electro's price
I'm nice, but why boast? Judge it by what I wrote
Banshee's first date, I'll take you out on a high note
I'll probably die broke but ill enough to plan
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