"The Story"

[Verse 1:]
Lo sweater, Timberlands, Kani jeans
Ain’t too far from that sh*t had my Starter jacket dry cleaned
Used to buy green from Rita’s mother Eileen
I can still see the summer we discovered rhyme schemes
Nineteen ninety something here’s how I would function
I would run in Pergament boosting paint by the dozen
Driving drunk and high inside my mother’s ride
Son if I keep living like this somebody’s gonna die
Attitude was act the fool if I summarized
Like come and try I’ll punch you in your f**king eye
Knuckles fly if you shuck and hive or fakes jacks
Since way back days at Cap Marotta’s with an ADAT
Digi 8 track before dreams of mass appeal
Boss jeans Krylon moss green classic feel
Smacked the grill on my first car burning rubber
Word to mother rolling weed on my Nocturnal cover

[Hook :]
Yeah that’s why it goes like this
Getting live at the shows like this
Yeah that’s why we roll like thi
Hold up light up what you rolled right quick

Yeah I’m getting dough like this
To inspire folks that are broke like this
Before the shows and the hoes on the road
What you know the story’s told like this
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