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"The Strike Line"

[Verse 1]

[Verse 2]

[Verse 3]

[Verse 4]

[Verse 5: Jus Allah]
[?] impatient and packing
It's an accident waiting to happen
I can smell blood, I want a taste of the action
I only take drugs out of a fatal reaction
I ain't even phased by it, I'm chasing the dragon
I can't stop for the pain, it's a wasted emotion
A drop of rain into the ocean
I can't quit coming home with blood-stained clothing
Why try to fix something it it ain't broken
I like the fight with the hammers outside of the camera sight
And I stand by my words like Vanna White
While your family on the curb lighting candle lights
Cops wanna find me and read me my Miranda rights
But I skipped town, loaded up [?]
I slowed down, I was coming to an amber light
I leave people on the ground like the cancelled flight
Then I return back around the annual night

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