Juicy J

"Who Run it Remix"

See this bich hiding
But hes looking for his time
n***a being dumb
But he f**king with my ride
Dumb biches comin
Cus they know the f**kin lied
These hoes be duckin cus they know
They really f**kin
Biches comin down
With that ugly ass weave
Really only doin it cus they gonna f**kin leave
Suicide prostitutes gonna be f**kin
But really wat for
They ain't doin nothin
Finna with these biches
I anit telling n***a
Ain't snitching trial
Bich f**kin dumb ass
U ain’t got no money to be paying for these trials
Coming up to me
Asking if I have 10 stacks
Ain’t got it
Lost it through fame
Nah just kiddin
But it pours down like rain
Someone tell their girl
She ain’t gang
Treat her likes it’s fame
Ain’t got no train
But she look like a stain

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