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Lil Morty

"Prinec Unique"

Lil Morty:

Uh uh b*tch uh uh uh uh

Prinec Unique
What a freak

Lil Morty in the house
sh*tting in your f*cking mouth
f*cking b*tches on the couch
Shooting up another round
b*tch we going the f*ck down
Police banging on the ground
Shoot em with the 50 round

Joji what the f*ck
Prince unique
I want pull the trigger
Call the f*cking gravedigger
Why you being such a mother f*ckin n*gga
b*tch u make me want to pull the trigger

Frick u kid
Why u make me a b*tch
f*cker in the tits
I am gonna take a hit
From that funny looking sh*t
b*tch ooh feel weird
Very very weird
Princec better stay in fear
Thats crazy
Tahts crazy thats f*cking crazy

Ben Gei:

We be shooting at Joe
I be f*cking Princes hoe
Why is [?????] a hoe
sh*t going down we on coke
Cooking that sh*t like its dope
Suck on my di*k like my toe
sh*t i be playing banjo
Make em bleed like typo

I'm a n*gga albino
Eat her out like a rhino
f*ck a n*gga di*k like a [?????]
Flick the clit its fine yo

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