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Lil Morty


(Intro: Lil Morty)
It’s Lil 2nail, Lil Morty, Lil Carrot
Connor why’d you have to do ‘em like that, oh no

(Chorus: Lil 2nail)
Connor, why’d you have to go to that party?
I had to let you know to not f**k your family
Helped you forget the trauma of when your cousin raped you
Now it’s so awkward, ‘cause you hate me and now I hate you
I remember when your brother chased you with his butt-hairs
And I had to comfort you, even though I wasn’t there
Connor, you’re the reason why I hate myself, you’re the one to blame
You haven’t said you loved me for a while. Do you still love me? It’s not the same
Hasnt been the same since you left me, though
No, it wasn’t my fault, oh no, oh no
You were so funny with your structured jokes
But now you’re like, “I don’t wanna talk, please go”
Connor it’s so awkward between us, I wish this thing would end
I wish we could go back to the two of us just being friends
You act like you hate me, then you use me when you want somebody
To have a quick laugh with, then you drop me when you longer want me
I love when you act depressed and say that you’re gonna kill yourself
And then go hahaha its a joke, I’m not actually gonna seek real help
It’s so funny to me I laugh when you do it everytime
But its like nowadays I wouldn’t care if you took your life
Connor you’ve got no room to talk
You’re not funny and I hate your walk
You say the n word, but you’re white
And I’m pretty sure I could beat you in a fight
You eat 18 cakes a day and you’ve got sausages for arms
You’re leaving me for a dude whos last name is Corn on the Cob
I know why you’re leaving me, you’re secretly gay
You watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, that’s a dead giveaway
Everytime you’re not around everyone makes fun of you
We hate you so much we even do it right in front of you
(Verse 2: Lil Carrot)
Eww, Connor I hate you, yuck
Eww, Connor I hate you, yuck
(Verse 3: Lil 2nail)
Eww, Connor I hate you, yuck
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