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Christian French

"​head first (HALP remix)"

[Verse 1]
Catching my attention like I never would have thought
I tried to comprehend it, but I knew it from the start
You work a little differently than anyone I've ever known
Hopeless little moments got me chasing you for miles
I open up the window just to see if you're around
I'm wishing I could show you all these feelings that I felt, whoa

You've got a hold of me
I'm diving in head first
Hoping I can love you so recklessly
You hit me like a tidal wave, I'm falling off
You got me hypnotized, mesmerized
Wrapped around your finger 'til the lights go low
You've got a hold of me
A hold of me

[Verse 2]
Feeding off adrenaline that's beating through my heart
You walk a little closer and I feel it coming on
I'm crazy for your energy that echoes anywhere I go
Riding these highs, sunk in these lows
Still on my mind, it's outta control
I can't let you go, I got my cards folded, waiting for you, babe
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