Talkin’ misery

Field Medic

I feel like I'm walkin'
Into the gallow
Headin' for to meet my misery
How come warm feelings
Often turn to freezin'
How come good girls turn to memory
There's nothin' I was doin'
When she came callin'
Nothin' outta the ordinary
Lifestyle of this lonely man
Guitar strings cut from my pants
Gallows don't know bout this yellow-headed, gin bottled blues

Yodel-ay-hee, miser-ee, yodel-ay-hee

I sought to change her mind about a prance of poltergeists
Through the barred windows of my heart I threw down a key
Baby and I we live together now
But that homеless man she hangs around
Keeps standin' in the way of my fantasy

Yodel-ay-hee, miser-ee, yodel-ay-hee

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