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Nothing lasts forever
We live to die so that's why
Every day we must treasure
Whether it be your friends or family
Sad or angry, appreciate
Every chance we get with one another
It kills me to know that
One day ill be in the dirt
Questioning myself if im worth
The legacy I leave behind me
When I leave this earth
Don't take away my loved ones
Id rather be bleeding first
The demons thirst to pull me down
Into the pit cause spitting [?]
But im just consumed by all this hatred
Assuming this human nature
Feel like my soul is dangerous
[?] my mind is tainted
Alone I can't explain it
Something inside me changing
Im fighting but im not winning
Im trying but nothing is different
Im lying if I say im living
Cause im sad feel like I died
And just singing from my demise
I am despised just for
The lines that I write into existence
But the only reason im writing is to
Vent the anger that is sitting in my heart
Sitting in the dark feeling
Like ripping out my heart
Just for the people who listen
Thinking that I got artificial scars
I am trapped inside this prison I call my mind
Sometimes I wish I could blow my brain out
With a pistol but it ain't that simple
Thats why I do this music sh*t
Not only did it save me but
Its saving others
If I could save people with my words
What more can I ask for and
If you don't have meaning behind your music
Then what the f**k do you rap for

You know it's amazing how my music is saving saving people it's crazy I never thought my music would be doing that. Forever Heartbroken Family I love y'all to death I appreciate everyone of y'all. If anybody ever hurts you tell them this sh*t


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