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"Heart Attack (Freestyle)"

[Intro: Julie, David & PRXJEK]
David, I love you. I f*cking love you. I f*cking love you, f*ck
Hey, woah, woah, woah. Don't do this, don't do this
You f*cked me four times the other night, David. You've been inside me
I swallowed your c*m, that means something
Slow down, hey
Four times, it means something, David, four times
Yo, ayy
Finna murder it, uh, runnin' bread like it's Burger King
I don't really give a damn if you heard of me, b*tch, I'm in the cut, like I'm doin' surgery
God damn, all these rappers always hatin' me, but I promise that you rappers ain't phasin' me
And your girl gave head, tryna take the D
Lemme go, lemme kill it, I'ma break the beat
(stop the car!)

Takin' this sh*t, bro, I do it, I wonder these rappers is hatin'
I don't really give a damn what the f*ck they say, with my motherf*ckin' draco, I'ma spit em' with the flame
Kickin' like karate and nobody gonna stop me, when they get up on the beat, and I'ma go and catch a body
I don't really give a damn they be sayin, b*tch, I get it every single time I do it, let me go on up, I'ma kill him when I spit it and that's a promise
And it doesn't matter b*tch, you softer than gelatin
Undeservin' rappers promise you that this is another them
Ayy, hah, yo
I don't really have to scream to show it though, but I gotta go dumb, it's in chromosomes, and your b*tch ridin' on my f*ckin' totem pole
Swear to God, b*tch, your gold dug, let's go get it

That was the sickest, I don't really know, promise you that, I'm gon' kill it though, the blade on me like I be Ichigo, I promise you that I'm invisible
Uh, f*ck, alright, alright

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