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I'm in the booth again
It's like 6 in the f*cking morning here man

b*tch im sleep deprived
Like a pizza bite how I eat them might
I know they [?] at me
Cause they see what I be doing man
Now they looking at me like
Bro how the f*ck he do that look at his stash
They all mad at me when I finna hit
This beast like motherf*cking thunderclap
Imma finna hit this fast like a punching bag
Hit it till its lungs collapse
If it get up on this beat
Imma kick this sh*t up in a body bag
Imma show you really how to do correctly
And correct me if im wrong but
Im balling like my [?]
What if I said that too bad I said it again
Now everybody looking at me like
Bro hey hey can I be your friend
Im like no what the f*ck man thats pretend
Matter of fact im gonna give you one to ten
If you don't get out my way
Imma finna stab a knife into your neck
b*tch im the best huh
I dont need no motherf*cking vest
You dont want no motherf*cking problems
Cause in the vicinity turn that sh*t into a mess
What you say man better watch out
Like a cave man I go retarded
If you get up on a beat better watch what you say
You dont want to start no problems
Imma f*cking spartan
Kick up in there [?]
Kick there sh*t like Spartacus
I feel like an arsonist
They treat me like a narcissist
What what they say uh
I dont want no part in this what ok
Watch how I do this sh*t ay yuh
Like a megatron how you
Come up short like a motherf*cking leprechaun
Better watch out finna explode
On the scene when I beam like f*cking a leprechaun
What I meant to say I set the bomb
If I get up on a beat boy you is done
Better watch out b*tch I feel like Gordon Ramsey
Cause im cooking up [?]
Tell your mom im too hot man im finna blow up
b*tch I know what you say what who
Where you stay
Imma stick em like shish kebab
And your b*tch got my di*k and
She wanna go an slip and slop
[?] like Jesus stab you like Judas
My flow is so sick like I got some lupus
I know they hating on me so stupid
Im laughing at them like im watching some bloopers
Let me show you what f*cker do
When I get up on a beat
Better watch out b*tch imma
Turn into a beast [?]
Watch my clause watch my clause
Im not talking about no construction
When im in your b*tch im wrecking her walls
Im so nice im so cool like ice
That was reference to part 1
This is part 2 and ok im done

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