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"1st tiktok freestyle"

Is this thing on

I'm like a stapler b*tch I need the paper
Middle finger to every one of my haters
I'm back in this b*tch like a pampon
I meant to say tampon or a vibrator
On my worst behavior
Like i'm drizzy drake
Keep the weapon drawn
Want me in a straight
And I wade them off like precipitation
And I go in like a home invasion
I keep those my flow is not simple ok
Hit them like pistol 2 shots to their face
f*ck what you thinking
I run with the blade like
My name is baraka a monster ok
Coming like i'm sonic
Feeling like gile
All these rappers they be sounding juvenile
I'm finna show you like i'm [?]
I run this sh*t like the gym I do the mile
Do the dash do the dash that's my f*cking test
And I suffocate them
Punch them like a punching bag
Smoke them till their lungs collapse
I don't got time for all their sh*t that they chat
All that chit chat I retract
Split them half like kit kat
Motherf*ckers I spit fast

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