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"Japan Freestyle"

Oh let's just have fun now

Shoutout to my baby take her to Japan
Freestyling out the dome boy I never land
Cause my flow to fly to her to Neverland
I'm just trying to get this money dead president

I'm so fly like a pelican
All these rappers softer than some gelatin
Up on my girl like a skeleton
Should know what to represent
I do not give a f**k now you not irritated
Shut up I might just get back
To that keep talking you might get smacked
Freestyling off the dome spitting facts
I get this money feel like my name Mr. Krabs
This the classical rapping with that rapid flow
No average Joe I stack the [?]
These rappers aren't ready
Swear to god i'm freestyling off the dome
Get into my zone freestyle [?] no thank you
I would rather get my d**k sucked like a vacuum
I sh*t on rappers like a bathroom
I don't give a f**k might just go and smack them

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