Thuggin Til I’m Gone lyrics

50 Cent

What's up n***as, yeah
You n***as know I ain't going nowhere
I am the hood (Is it because I'm black?)
Only time you n***as gon see me
Is when I'm gon get my motherf**k money on niga
But I'll be back, hold up niga
Young buck let's go

Buck Marley n***a tell me where the weed at
I pop a n***a tonight then listen for the feedback
You see who did it but I bet you keep your mouth closed
I dont know about yall but that's how the dirty south go
Check your rear view and please lock your front doors
n***as like me we be all in your household
While your out cold n***as in your stashbox
Tryin' to play that hero role and get that ass popped
Thе devil made me do it now I'm scrеamin (Oh lord)
Tryin' to beat this case and it's so hard
Preparing myself to go against the next man
Loading up with my right and shooting with my left hand

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